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Stanwyck Earned her Groove

By Gail Moore Woltkamp My dad loved old movies. Many of his favorites came from the decades of the thirties and forties. I grew up spending Sunday afternoons with Ma and Pa Kettle, the Bowery Boys, Shirley Temple Theater, and maybe a couple Judy and Mickey musical dandies thrown in. I loved watching all the…

Popular Pipelines Remembered 🦕

By Gail Moore Woltkamp Sinclair Pipeline Company 🦕❤️ One of my first toys as a child was an inflatable Sinclair Dinosaur. Many pictures of my early childhood years show me sprawled out on a blanket with that green dinosaur. Various Sinclair collectibles graced my home during those early years. This was because my mom worked…

A Nod to Napco (National Potteries Corporation) ❤️🤍❤️

By Gail Moore Woltkamp It simply wouldn’t be Christmas without her. The vintage ceramic “cold paint” angel passed down to me from my grandmother is a keepsake I look forward to displaying year after year. Aside from her festive style and intricate design, it’s her signature Napco marking that confirms her authenticity to prime collectors.…

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