Stanwyck Earned her Groove

By Gail Moore Woltkamp My dad loved old movies. Many of his favorites came from the decades of the thirties and forties. I grew up spending Sunday afternoons with Ma and Pa Kettle, the Bowery Boys, Shirley Temple Theater, and maybe a couple Judy and Mickey musical dandies thrown in. I loved watching all theContinue reading “Stanwyck Earned her Groove”

Popular Pipelines Remembered 🦕

By Gail Moore Woltkamp Sinclair Pipeline Company 🦕❤️ One of my first toys as a child was an inflatable Sinclair Dinosaur. Many pictures of my early childhood years show me sprawled out on a blanket with that green dinosaur. Various Sinclair collectibles graced my home during those early years. This was because my mom workedContinue reading “Popular Pipelines Remembered 🦕”

A Nod to Napco (National Potteries Corporation) ❤️🤍❤️

By Gail Moore Woltkamp It simply wouldn’t be Christmas without her. The vintage ceramic “cold paint” angel passed down to me from my grandmother is a keepsake I look forward to displaying year after year. Aside from her festive style and intricate design, it’s her signature Napco marking that confirms her authenticity to prime collectors.Continue reading “A Nod to Napco (National Potteries Corporation) ❤️🤍❤️”

Landmarks Lost : Reflections of a Kansas Town 🌻💛🌻

By Gail Moore Woltkamp Notable landmarks that were once part of my life and neighborhood while growing up in Independence, Kansas, are now gone. Some, I consider historically significant, not only to my life, but to the town and to the state of Kansas. Mercy Hospital Something that seemed unprecedented, from the time of sellingContinue reading “Landmarks Lost : Reflections of a Kansas Town 🌻💛🌻”

For the Love of Northeast Oklahoma 💙💚💙

By Gail Moore Woltkamp Although I am a native of Southeast Kansas, part of my family’s history is deeply rooted thirty miles south and across the state line into Northeast Oklahoma. My dad’s paternal grandparents owned a family farm and ranch in Oklahoma’s Washington County, (thirty miles northeast of the larger Osage County), from theContinue reading “For the Love of Northeast Oklahoma 💙💚💙”

Guess Whose Parents Remind Me of My Own 🧡🍋🧡

By Gail Moore Woltkamp Have you ever sat down and watched Spencer Tracy’s final speech at the end of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”? You should. As late to the party as it sounds, everyone should see this movie. Add to Tracy’s eloquence and thought-provoking dialogue the fact that the actor was dying throughout theContinue reading “Guess Whose Parents Remind Me of My Own 🧡🍋🧡”

Worth Every Trip ❤️

By Gail Moore Woltkamp In my very early childhood, at least twice a week, my grandmother and I would walk a few residential blocks from my house, pass by several store fronts, including my dad’s barbershop, to the Woolworth’s store in downtown Independence, Kansas. Once reaching our destination, our shopping experience was never disappointing. SweeperContinue reading “Worth Every Trip ❤️”